Grade 5


There’s No Place Like Home

The difference between a house and a home is the stuff inside. Not the physical stuff, but the atmosphere. A house is just a building, a building with a roof and walls. Just a place with a kitchen and a bed. But a home has so much more. It has love inside no matter how small or how big the place is. A home is a place where you feel accepted, and you are accepted. Where you make new friends and maybe lose some old ones too. A home is a place where you make memories, some memories are good and some are bad but you will always feel loved. Home is a warm and cozy place where I can build trust with people and feel safe. We should praise God, and thank him that he provided us a home. We shouldn’t take this stuff for granted because there still people longing for a home. Longing for a roof over their heads and a floor under their feet. Maybe just maybe to be cared for. Not just looked at and discarded on the side of the street when people walk by. Well, I think love is what makes my house, a home. There’s No Place Like Home.