Grade 5

British Columbia

There’s No Place Like Home

What home means to me? It’s a hard question, since I’ve lived in five houses (and cities) it’s hard to tell. First of all a home should be in your comfort zone. In the ten years of my life living in different places made me realize that no matter where in the universe you are if you are happy it’s a place you can call home.

A home can be anywhere an apartment, a mansion, a duplex, a tree, a tent, the streets, and even a hole in the ground. For me, I don’t need or want anything fancy, but I now realize someone else might. Over the years of my life I have been very fortunate to end up with five beautiful places I’ve been able to call my home.

I have recently learned something I like to call living in love, which means instead of regretting where you live think of some changes you could make so that you can call this place your home. This method has helped me through tough times such as the stress of moving. One thing I focus on when I move is to have my things are the way I want them, For example: my bookshelf only contains books that aren’t mine what do I do? I would look around for the books that are mine and since I love to organize I would have a great time organizing my bookshelf to fit in my comfort zone.

Thank you for listening and reading my opinion on what a home is to me. I hope you benefit,agree and like my essay.