Grade 6


There’s No Place Like Home

Home is where love is unlimited.
Home is a place to be loved and cherished.
Home is not just a roof over your head or a place to slumber.
But a place to feel loved by one another.

Home can be where the laughter of friends fills the silence,
Or a place where joy is never forgotten.
The meals that bring warmth to your stomach,
Or the specialty of being hugged by a mother.
The songs you sing in front of a fire,
Or a joke from a sibling to keep your smile even brighter.
The trust earned from friendly faces across the street,
A helping hand from a teacher to lift your spirits even higher,
Or even a note from a classmate saying they’ll never leave your side.

When feeling down, count on someone to turn your frown upside down.
The pleasure of winning a gold medal, or getting an “A” on a quiz you swore you’d fail.
Home can be anywhere, I swear!
A house is a shelter, but a home lasts forever.
Though moving days feel sad, new memories are just around the corner.
Months go by, with sweet lullabies.
New additions to the family, like a pet to care for.
Plenty of road trips and fun vacations.
Family traditions, some fun, some sad.
Jumping into a pile of crisp orange leaves,
Building a fluffy snowman, then running inside for hot choco with soft whipcream.
Making sand castle before it washes away,
And jumping in wet muddy puddles, being careful not to slip!

But even though there are some, who have no homes,
Things can change by just one thought of hope.
After all,
There is no place like home.