Grade 4


There`s No Place Like Home

My home protects me
It shelters me from the rain
It keeps me safe from bullies and hurtful words
And any sort of pain

My home comforts me
A cosy blanket warms me on a cold day
I can sleep peacefully in my soft bed
When I am sick, my mom’s chicken noodle soup warms up my tummy

My home entertains me
When the doorbell rings, it’s a wonderful noise
The white glass tiles are so pretty on the floor
The red door brightens up my home

My home encourages me
My parents want me to try my best
I can do hard things, they say
My parents embrace takes all my tears and sadness away

My home is a special place for me
The faces of my family fill me up with happiness and glee
I see my mom cooking wonderful meals for the family
That makes me happy.

Everyone should have a home: the rich and the poor; the sick and healthy, all races and backgrounds and all ages and abilities.