An Ni

Grade 6


There’s No Place Like Home

Home is like a blank piece of paper
It is where there is no impossible
No matter your colour or race
Where the old and young unite
But feel the same
Home is where you can always feel safe
Safe from the burdens of the world
Where you can be hugged
And told that everything will be okay
Where you can cry without shame
Home can be anywhere
Anywhere that you feel happy and loved
It can be within your heart
Where you are sheltered from the storms outside
Where you are sheltered from the storm within you
When you’re at home you have faith
Faith in the improbable
Faith in yourself
In the love that you emit
Here you will forgive, and be forgiven
Your past worries can’t reach you here
Here you laugh at the weirdest thing
At the small jokes your friends make
Here you can pray to anyone
At home girls and boys are the same
It is love
Love so strong that you can fall to your knees and cry
Cry, for you love back so strongly
It is unexplainable feelings of joy
A knot of happiness in your stomach
For you know you can always return
It is what keeps you living
One day at a time
The thought that you can go home
Home, the thought that feeds our soul
Our sad and lonely soul
For you know
That home is just a day away