Grade 5


There’s no place like home.

What a home means to me is a place where people can feel comfortable and relax and spend time with their family. What I realize is that without a family you will start to feel lonely like no one cares about you anymore, but with a family you aren’t lonely. Even if you feel alone you aren’t alone, no matter what. A home is a place to let you feel joy and be happy with the ones you love. Your home is like a place where you first started everything and a place you were meant to be. Without a home you have no happiness. If you had no home you and your loved ones would not feel secure or safe. Home is my happy place. It is like a heaven with my family, the ones I love. When I am in my home I feel loved, happy, joyful and it feels so wonderful to have people who care about you and who you can trust. I can’t imagine how someone who doesn’t have a family or nowhere to stay would feel. I am so thankful to have a home and I know anyone would be thankful to have a home and have a family that cares for them, that loves them, that’s kind to them and that will support them with their decisions that they make. Home is a place you can feel loved and be thankful for a roof over your head and a place you can sleep and eat. It is a place that you feel safe and secure and where you trust the people around you. I love my home. It’s the place I want to stay. It is a special place to me, the place I always want to be.