Grade 5


There is Nothing Like Home

So to me a home is something that is a part of me. It is a thing that has a story to tell even though I have moved a lot. My present house feels different from my other houses. It seems special maybe because it’s the only house my family has ever bought. If everybody had a home the world would be a better place. Although not a lot of people have the power to give everybody in the world a house. If somebody in the world could do that it would make the world a better place.

The world would be a much more peaceful place. It wouldn’t be all peaceful but it would be more peaceful than it is now when I dream. I dream of a world where peace is our number one priority. If that was reality that would bring joy to my life but in reality, peace is only in a few countries. If I had the power to give everybody a house I would do it because everyone deserves a house. World hunger would be the 2nd priority but giving a home to the homeless is top priority. So that is why I’m writing this essay so I can have a chance to help the homeless.