Grade 6

New Brunswick

There is no place like home

What does home mean to me?
A house is a roof doors and walls but to me home is a place I feel I belong.
Home is a place where I am loved.
Home is where I am comfortable.
Home is a place I can trust.
Home is where I can be me.
Home is where I spend time with family.
I can hear my brother screaming playing his video games from one story away.
I can hear my dog’s nonstop barking at the wind.
I see my neighbours scraping there car in the winter.
I smell my dinner cooking in the kitchen.
I taste my mom’s delicious homemade lasagna.
I touch the warm covers of my bed coming out of the dryer.
Home in Canada reminds me of the hot chocolate you get after
Going inside from the cold.
We should be grateful for what we have.
We have a home and a house but some people don’t even have a house.
So give a helping hand to those who need, because all they have is concrete.
H=hugs O=overjoy M=marvelous E=exciting
Home is where the heart is.