Grade 6


There Is No Place Like Home

Home is a place nice as can be
A place to be loved
A place to be free
With family and friends
The fun never ends

With love and with care
My future is there
When I have a hard play
My mom is there to make it ok

Dashing out of school
I never run out of fuel
Home is not what you see
But what it truly means to me

I know coming home
That I have a place to roam
A home or a hut
It doesn’t matter what

No one knows what tomorrow brings
So take care of all your things
Have fun and play
Until early the next day

As I fall asleep
My thoughts go deep
I think of the people on the streets
Without a warm bed or cozy sheets

Images flash
Of those searching through the trash
And I truly wonder
About those in the thunder

Celebrations galore
I am forever up for more
Till the day I move out
I will never be without
A home
There is no place like home