Grade 4


There is No Place Like Home

Home is where my heart lies.

Home is where I rest my head – on my comfy sofa.

Home is where my family and I celebrate birthdays and holidays.

Home is where I smell beautiful roses and blossoming trees in my backyard.

Home is where I see little kitties finding shelter under my deck.

Home is where I see beautiful double rainbows after the rain.

Home is where I smell my mom’s delicious homemade noodles.

Home is having a loving family that plays and creates together.

Home is hearing birds chirping and talking as I swing my hammock in summer.

Home is where my memories are.

Home is my safe place.

It doesn’t matter if you live in a small or a big house, what matters is that you have a home.

I wish everyone could have a long and happy life in their special home.