Grade 6

New Brunswick

There Is No Place Like Home

When I think of home, I think of good memories, a place that brings back thoughts from when we were young and more adventurous than we are now.
It is a place where you can rely on your loved ones to be near and supportive when hard times come. Home is a place that contains love and safety. Home is somewhere where I am happy to see my family laugh and joke around in the kitchen while making a chicken dinner. It is more than just a place, but a treasure box that is filled so much love and care to make you happy every time you take a look inside and open the door.

My home means a lot to me for many different reasons. When I come inside, I feel relaxed and sometimes, it feels as though weight is being lifted off my shoulders like a hot air balloon taking off into the sky. My home makes me feel… loved, safe, happy, understood, calm, comforted and secure.

Home is something that pulls you into a tight hug and protects you from the rain. It is more than just a place that is filled with furniture and appliances, but a place that you and your family search for, to make sure that you will end up with not only a shelter, but a place of comfort. No matter the size or living condition of the building itself, your home is your home, and at the end of the day and that should be all that matters.