Grade 6

New Brunswick

There Is No Place Like Home!

Home is a safe place where you can be yourself.
A place where you can be with your family and people you trust.
In a home, everyone is accepted and equal.

If you ever had a hard day,
you can go home and express your feelings.
I always curl up with my dogs if I have a rough day.
But every day you can wake up with a new beginning.

My home holds joy, laughter, memories and love.
But not everyone has a home or an inviting place to stay.
A home is not a luxury it’s a right!
Nobody should take their home for granted.
Everyone should help so people who can’t afford a place to live,
can have a home with support and comfort.

A home should be pure,
not just a building with a roof and walls.
Everyone deserves a good home.

There really is no place like home!