Grade 5


The World’s Best Home!

So many people have homes, but some very unlucky people don’t. Today I will tell you what home means to me. The first word I would use to describe home is enjoy, a lot of time at home I spend enjoying, I could be relaxing, gaming, or playing something .To me all of those are enjoyable. Everything I just mentioned, most people can enjoy at least one, if they have a home, for example, when my mom says, “You’re done your chores,now you can enjoy.” I feel like I’m able to enjoy my day. Another word I’d use to describe home is safe, my home gives me the safe feeling. One example is when there’s an Amber Alert I feel safe at home with my family, so it won’t happen to me, or when I watch a scary movie and I get the creeps, my home makes me feel stronger on the inside until I forget about it. My third and final word that would remind me of home is, family, first up my family consists of me, my sister, my mom, and my dad. My family is the best one ever! I always have someone at home with me which just makes home better, and like the second one family is mentioned there, my is comforting like a blanket and pillow. That’s it, those are the ways I’d describe home. Home is amazing! If this paragraph could one thing I hope it is that someone gets a home from this!