Grade 6


The Word without a Meaning

Home is where I live in safety,
Despite all the hardships we’ve faced lately,
It’s still a place like no other.
Where I feel warm with my father and mother

When I’m alone, home is the only place to go.
It keeps me warm from the snow
When I’m sick, I have a place to sleep
And guard all the things I choose to keep.

Where magic and fantasy can come true,
for anyone like me and you.
Home is where I have fun
It’s where my heart feels like the sun

My home fills me up with something bright,
Even during the night, it’s the only light.
But those who are living in poverty,
Understanding that concept is hard for me!

It’s sad how those in need of a home can’t feel this,
because they have to face their own harsh crisis.
What’s more disturbing and gathers people over a wide range,
In truth we need a bigger change.

It’s not over, we’re not at our end.
Just make an effort and begin to defend.
Home is the origin of all
And an end to a journey many have been through with falls.

Just donate as charitable causes
because now at this point this is more than our loss is.
The word home is something no one can explain

Just one step at a time,
then we will be at our prime.