Grade 6


The word “Home”

The smell of baking wafting through the rooms
The almost always positive mood.
The sound of music fills the air,
The shouting, complaining, and pulling of hair.

The melodious squeaking of the door
The satisfaction of finishing a chore
The safety that comes with a roof walls and floor
The useless stuff that I do adore.

The adorable rabbit that in my room resides,
The mess that she so happily provides
The soft smell of the wood chips that are in her cage
The sound of the turning of a book page.

The sound of a rooster crowing,
The smell of the numerous flowers that are growing
The sound of the creek rapidly flowing,
The hum of the fan that it makes when it’s blowing.

See, my home means alot to me,
Sure the inhabitants aren’t always in harmony,
But after all they are family
They are what makes home, home to me.