Grade 6


The Way to Home’s Heart

You have a home, maybe it’s big or small, tiny or little. You love your home, everyone does, but have you thought about how to find the way to your home’s heart? First, you have to move in and make it your style. When you’re done doing some cooking, sometimes cooking makes you feel like home. Maybe make a famous family dish, or make cookies. Next, go to your new bedroom and think about what fun you will do in your new room. Maybe play with your friends, or your brothers, or sisters, or make beautiful art. Go into the living room and hang out with your family playing board games, drawing, watching a TV show and talking. When you talk to your family, you can get to know them well. Family time is important. Just try to talk, play, and hang out with your family before they are gone. Next, make a fun area for you and your family to hang out outside. A pool,outside toys, a sand box and a mini playground are all great options. Next, put beautiful paintings up on the walls. Maybe your brother or sister painted it, or you mom, or your dad. And that makes your house feel beautiful. This is the way to a home’s heart!