Grade 6

British Columbia

The Way of Home

To me the meaning of home is being comfortable and spending time with my family. When I get home I always go to see my cats Roxy and Lily. At night time my brother is always screaming all night, and I can never fall asleep. Sometimes me and my Mom and Dad watch a show called Vikings.
On weekends my family goes to my soccer games and then we might get Mcdonalds or something. Sometimes when I get home I feel bad because I either didn’t play my best soccer game or dad was yelling at me during the game.
On days after school, I play video games with my friends or I go to my soccer practice, which is really fun! One of my favourite things to do are playing soccer and play video games with my friends.
I also love reading war books and watching war movies at home. When I’m at home, I feel safe with my family, even now that there was a crash near my house, and the police think it’s a murder, which is kind of creepy.
My Mom is a teacher and she helps me with my homework if she’s not marking her own classes’ work. Sometimes my brother and I fight at home.
My favourite thing to do at home is to spend time alone or with my friends or family. So that’s my life, and what my home is like and how I feel about it.