Grade 6

Richmond Hill

The Way Back Home

I trudge the mud alone and cold,
and once again I think of home.
I wonder how I strayed so far,
into a place as black as tar.
The branches scratch,
The wind it speaks
The blood now trickles down my cheeks.

I wonder if they know I’m lost,
What happens if I’ve been forgotten?
One small mistake, what will it cost?
The thought alone makes me feel rotten

Bright eyes surround me in the night
A war drum booms within my soul,
I long for home with all my might
The darkness falls, I’m swallowed whole,

I miss my father, brother, mother,
And Truffles, my most beloved dog,
The safety found beneath my covers
I wander deeper in the fog

I fear that it might be too late
Perhaps I should accept my fate
but wait, what’s this I see?
That shines so bright in front of me,

A dancing, floating orb of light,
that guides me out into the night,
And then I recognize the tree,
Where I was once stung by a bee
And how my father carried me,
He took me home and cared for me
I’ve found my way I’m finally free,

I race across the neighborhood,
Back to all, that’s safe and good,
I think of home and family,
And all the things they mean to me

The beck’ning scent of gran’mas cookies,
Her cakes, and tarts, and other goodies,
Mom’s sweet voice, and Daddy’s smile,
And Truffles rolling on the tiles

I’m almost there I see the door,
the golden number thirty-four
I hear my precious Truffles bark
The light turns on and breaks the dark

My eye lets out a joyful tear,
I can’t believe I’m finally here,
No longer will I be alone
I’m safe again, for now I’m home