Grade 5


The Warmth of Home

The Warmth of Home

A home isn’t just a physical structure,
It’s a place where you have family and comfort.
It’s a place where you can go to bed,
So when you’re tired you can rest your head.
You can be comfortable with security and support
And when you’re at home you have your family’s warmth.

But some people don’t live a happy life,
They sit in the cold underneath the streetlights.
Home is a place where you have healthy food,
Not dig in the trash can like the homeless do.
And when night hits they cannot rest,
They can’t find a place to sleep but they try their best.

I feel like all those people out there need a home,
Because they’re cold, sick and all alone.
People used to be way more helpful.
Now our society isn’t like that and people aren’t grateful.
If you see these people sitting on the streets,
Give them some money and maybe some heat.
What I mean by heat is the warmth of home,
So they don’t sit in the cold all alone.