Grade 6


The Warmth From Home

A house is made of pillars and beams, a home is made of love and dreams.
A home is somewhere that I love,
that I never want to leave.
A place that always speaks to me,
to make me feel happy.
Where all that matters to me stays and lives,
being protected happily.
A place to stay when my health goes away,
to help me get it back.
Home is something that I don’t want to lack,
that I always want to have.
Somewhere that I can come and go,
never trapping me in one place.
When i’m there, all my bad memories get erased.
Home is somewhere for me to sleep,
when I’m there I never want to weep.
Home is where the sweet wind blows,
it’s a place where I can learn and grow.
A place where my dreams are made, where all of them come true.
Home is always there for you, always helping you.
No matter what you’ve been through.
A place that I will never lose, even if I’m hurt and bruised.
Even when I’m far away, it’s spirit will be in my heart to stay.
Home is where my love sprouts and blooms.
It’s never when my anger fumes.
Home is the place that everybody loves and needs, all year long we will always be,
In the place we all call home.