Grade 6


The Warmest Place on Earth

The Warmest Place on Earth

Home is the cosiest place to be,
A special place with love and care.

We walk in the door with frozen, cold fingers,
And we hang our fluffy coats with care.

The smell of Mamma’s cooking, the delicious chili bowls,
Brings warmth to our tiny, little toes.

We sit by the fire all cuddled up in blankets,
With hot cocoa spilling everywhere!

From cinnamon scented candles to the fire crackling,
The atmosphere is just right to share.

While we dream of vacations, the other kids are frozen,
They are dreaming of having their own warm home.

They are sitting on concrete with a backpack as a pillow,
They are begging for food and shelter.

As they dream of a home they want to live in,
We are snuggled and loving each other.

It’s really not fair,
So be grateful, and remember to share.

Because maybe one day we could end up homeless too,
And we’d want others to care.

So near or so far, wherever we are,
No matter what path we choose,

We laugh and we learn but we always return,
To the place we call HOME!!!