Grade 6


The Walk Back

I’ve always felt at home with my family and friends because I knew I could trust them. I was perfectly content around them.

I wasn’t that comfortable at school or with people I didn’t know because I was scared they would judge me. I knew the answer for a question in the fourth grade.I was about to raise my hand but I got flustered so I hastily put it down, I felt like I made the correct choice at the time but now I’m filled with regret.

I met Jaysa in the second grade. I don’t know how we became friends but I’m glad we did. We became best friends and started 6th grade. Our parents decided that it would be good if we walked to school together. Every walk back from school was normal and nothing out of the ordinary happened,but there will always be one day that sticks out like a sore thumb to me…

“How are you doing with the project?” I stammered.
“Not perfect, but it’s going well!” Jaysa replied.
“ That’s nice..!” I said, trying to sound as enthusiastic as I could to hide my stress.
“…You look stressed, are you ok? Is there something that’s bothering you?”
“My partner hasn’t come to school this week so I don’t know if I’ll be able to get the project done. I’m the only one that has worked on it, I’m so stressed!”
“You’re not the only that’s stressed; my partner’s dumping a bunch of work on me and over complicating things!”

I was overjoyed that there was someone who understood me and I could talk to about things that are bothering me!

Before this I thought of home as my physical house. After I thought of it as a place where I could express myself.