Grade 5


The Visit

I woke up early on a Saturday morning. I walked downstairs and smelled cinnamon waffles with bacon. When I got downstairs I hugged my mom and said good morning to her. As I was eating my breakfast I looked out my window and saw the CN tower and the Skydome. I saw under the Gardener bridge where some homeless people live. I felt bad for the people so I talked to my mom and asked her if we could go and bring the homeless people some food and blankets to be warm and cozy in the middle of winter. My mom was very proud of me for thinking of them so she agreed to my idea. So off we went to Tim Horton’s buying twenty-five dollar gift cards and to the bedding store to buy warm blankets for people. When we went to go give everything to the people I met a girl about my age. I introduced myself as Lily and she introduced herself as Jordan. Jordan and I talked for a little while and she told me her story of her parents leaving her on the streets and how a kind homeless family took her in and was willing to raise her to be who she is. I was so interested in what she said. I asked my mom if we could invite her to our house. Again she agreed. Jordan and I talked for hours and hours, sipping hot chocolate, laughing and enjoying ourselves. Talking to her I realized that even though she doesn’t necessarily have a lot of money or a house, she has love and support from people that she loves very much. Jordan has a HOME and that’s all that matters. People that love, support, and care for you.