Grade 6


The Unique Home

The Unique Home
Unique, special, safe. That equals my home. It’s an astonishing place I hold dearly in my heart. It’s a place where I belong and can live while feeling safe. Where I will always express myself. It’s a place where I can look out the window and see no signs of war, but only the birds singing a beautiful lullaby. I can spend time with the people I love and cherish. ‘Tis a place where I can be accepted no matter if I’m black or white, or a girl or a boy.
There is nothing better than walking into your living room and watching the Jets on TSN and seeing Ehlers go through everyone on the opposing team and then score bar down. The living room is where I snuggle with the couch with my dogs on me and even though they think they are lap dogs they really aren’t, but I snuggle them anyway and fall asleep with them on me.
My basement is where I feel safest. Down in there I like to play with my friends and wrestle and when we play mini sticks, we body check each other in the wall and laugh our heads off.
My dining room is probably my favorite place in the house because I always get this wonderful smell of food that fills up my nose and I walk there like I am hypnotized because the smell is so good.
Everyone should be thankful for a home. Never take it for granted or it will taken away. Remember always to love your home. If you’re like me, thank God for the wonderful life he has given us and pray and thank him. I love my home and so should you.