Grade 6

Cote Saint Luc

The Two Types of Homes

Home. The wonderful place where you can be who you want. But not everyone has a home. There are two types of home and homeless: a mental home and a physical one.

Homes can be walls and ceilings but they can also be places that make you feel happy or proud. School, work, clubs and teams can be considered home so can houses, shacks, metros, roofs and allies. Did you know that in Canada, there is an estimated amount of 1.7 families that need a good safe house that is affordable?

To me, a home is anywhere with my friends and family, but also a building that is warm and where you can live. With my friends and family I feel safe, connected, happy, important and loved. This is my mental home. When I am in a house I also feel safe but in a different way. When I’m inside I feel comfortable: a physical home. In my opinion, these two types of home are equally important because if you don’t have a “mental” home then you won’t be okay and if you don’t have a physical home you will not be okay either. Since your brain influences your actions, not having a community might make you feel sad or mad. That could make you do bad financial choices and then you will have neither a mental home nor a physical one.

Thankfully I have both and I think that all the people that also have both should do little things to help others who are less fortunate, like donating a few dollars to an organization or writing an essay that will help others.