Grade 6


The True Meaning of My Home

The true meaning of my home

I have a place, I call it my home
Without a doubt it is my own

My house is more than just a roof and walls
It is where I learned important lessons of all

When people ask me what I love
My home answer it form above

It keeps me safe and warm
When something is happening in the storm

I have a bed and a room
While others have nothing but a broom

Whenever it rains or pours
Its wings makes us sheltered from the storm

I have a baby sister that always cries
When I see her I feel like I am fried

Oh I wonder what it would be without a house for my family and me
I shiver with fear when they are not near

My house blocks the despair
When every I am down it is always there

My parents hands make me healthy and strong
Even when I did something wrong

I take the keys and lock the door
I say goodbye once more

From my heart I say goodbye
In my brain I will draw a smile

It is a need
Because it has a heart just like me

That’s the true meaning of my home