Grade 6


The True Meaning of Home

The meaning of home is not when:
You celebrate birthdays
Or hug your parents
It is what u do and this is my meaning of home

The true meaning of home is when I come home to my dogs.It is when I have a family dinner and we talk about the day and laugh about stuff.It is when my siblings and I fight for who gets to sleep with the dog.It is when we go to the country and it smells so bad but we bond and put on some music.It is when I play fight with my dad and watch movies.

Home is when I can be who I am and not have to worry how I look.Home is when I feel loved by my family.And when I see something sad so I cry they are always there for me.I am going to talk about my family.

My mom is very understanding and does a lot for me. She treats me well and loves me.She is always doing stuff for me and when I don’t feel good she hugs me and tucks me in bed. My dad makes me laugh always makes me feel better and plays with me when I am bored but he mostly plays cards because he loves cards.My brother always jokes around and mostly makes me laugh but also bothers me a lot so I really don’t go to him for advice.My sister is super nice i love her and always just makes me feel better and when I cry she makes me smile or she feels really bad for me so she brings me candy or food.And my dogs just make me feel better.