Grade 6


The true meaning of “home”

The true meaning of “home”

What is home? If you look in the dictionary, the answer will be, “The place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household.” To me, home symbolizes a place to build memories, laugh with your family and have fun. A home is where you have privacy and always feel safe. For me the true definition of home is love. And I say that because you will always share your home with the people you love the most. Home will never feel the same without your loved ones and the ones that love you back. Many say home is where your heart is. A home is a place to live with our families and pets and enjoy with our friends.

A happy home is a feeling of goodness. You can pay the rent or mortgage and everyone in your family is okay. The children are good, there’s a loving spouse and a good job. A bad home is a home you can’t afford, a home that makes your family miserable and a home that makes you feel uncomfortable. A home can be anywhere as long as you’re happy!

My family and I have lots of different places we called home because we move a lot. But each time we move, we do have a reason to call that house “home.” That reason is we had a roof to cover our heads, we had a table to eat on, a bed to sleep in and most importantly, we lived in the home together. And our love will never break because of all those memories we made. All the fun moments we shared and all those goof-ball parties we have thrown just for ourselves, in our home.

If you get my point, a “home” is your place. Your place to do anything!