Grade 5


The True Meaning of Home

As a little boy sinks into the softness of his bed after a nice pleasant dinner, he starts to dream of what he saw earlier that day. Homelessness – he dreamt that he was a homeless person just like the ones he rudely ignored earlier that day. He felt the coldness of the wind and rain seep into him. As he begged in his dream he saw his friend pass him but even though he pleaded for him to help his friend just ignored him. He felt lonely and forgotten, as well as the feeling of being looked down upon. When he woke up the next morning he finally truly felt how the homeless felt. He knew that now all of them weren’t who he used to think they were. He felt guilty about the homeless people who he ignored, and the situation they were going through. After that dream, he finally knew how fortunate he was to be born into a wealthy family. After all that he went through in his dream, he finally felt the true meaning of home.