Grade 6

British Columbia

The True Meaning of Home

I like my home
Though it’s quite small
It’s not like others
Big and tall
And even though
I can’t walk far without hitting a wall
I think its like my own fortress
That I know won’t fall

But some others say
“my home is not big enough
There is just no room for all of my stuff”

And while the complain and they pout
I’ll tell you right now what they don’t think about

They don’t think about those without a home

And so,
every day
I wake up and say
“I’ll be alright because I have a home
A place where I live
A place where I’ve grown”

And if someone asked me
“what is the meaning of home?”
I’d say

“you see,
there is no good meaning for home
and I’m sure when I say this,
I’m not alone
There is no good meaning for such a place
A place where you can show your face
No matter your race

I do believe that’s the true meaning of home
One that will never be properly shown