Grade 5


The True Meaning of Home

The True Meaning of Home

To me, home means a lot. I think that home means a place where you are secure and safe, you’re pleasant, where you’re being loved and where others extremely respect you. But what about the people that have no home? Before, when I just started writing this essay, it just seemed like I had to write that the meaning of home is somewhere comfy, relaxing and calm, but no this is not the meaning of home. Home means a delightful, enjoyable, happy place where you can live, laugh, and learn lots. It’s somewhere where you’re cared for, where your family is, where you’re cheerful, and somewhere with some peace. When you are driving around the houses, you just think it’s wood and bricks or a building but no home is where the heart is. Home is also a place where you have memories. Home is where my brother and I pranked each other, where I used to look at my mom cooking, where my dog would stay with me because he wanted to protect me, and where my dad and I used to go swim in the pool. If there were no memories, I wouldn’t remember these things. Exactly like memories home is also where your dreams are. Like probably you would dream of becoming a doctor, an accountant, a businessman/businesswoman, a firefighter, an astronaut, and e.t.c. However, some people don’t have homes. They are living on the streets or homeless shelters. When they see people who have luxurious big houses they feel sad that why don’t they have these big mansions, bungalows, and houses. There are almost three billion people poor in the world, pretty much half of the world. 2.2 children are poor in the world, so why not give them a hand and donate to them? I am going to write a mini poem.

Title: Home
A house is a place where everyone is happy.
A house is a place where you are comfortable.
When you’re at home, you have fun with your family.
When you are at home, you play with your friends.
You are happy and in a good mood at home.
You are thankful and peaceful at home.