Grade 4

St Thomas

The True Meaning of Home

Home is a need that not many have. Home isn’t about toys and comfy beds, It’s about the good memories you make in that home. A home isn’t just a house. A house is just like any other house. But home is always different. No matter how creaky your stairs are and how squeaky your bed is your home will always be special. Some may not be grateful for their home and want a newer or prettier one, But I will always love mine. Homes are everywhere around the world. Everyone deserves a home. Poor and rich. If we didn’t have homes We wouldn’t have those great memories of cuddling up by the fireplace and watching movies. We need homes to stay dry in storms and get wet in the shower. But most of all to make those happy memories, without homes we wouldn’t be able to do that and our lives would be gloomy without them.