Grade 6

Parry Sound

The True Meaning of Home

Home is where we make memories,

So that we can hold them for centuries.

The place where all the pain goes away,

With a warm feeling of today.

It is where we can grow,

So that we may glow.

Where we can truly be ourselves,

Without hiding in hotels.

A place where even a mistake,

Never turns into an ache.

When we’re having so much fun,

It is like getting a home run.

Our home is a true blessing,

And is never depressing.

The place where we’re safe,

Where we can be brave.

It is like a superhero’s place,

No one can ever replace.

Our home will never leave us because,

It will always love us in a pause.

The time goes by so fast,

So, make sure we’re having a blast.

We are truly blessed to have a home,

It is a place where we have grown.