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The True Meaning of Home

Did you know that a home isn’t the same as a house? Homes are a place where you feel safe and comfortable . Just because you may live in a house, apartment or a pile of bricks it’s still a home as long as you feel right there. People often like to go to their home for downtime or if they’re depressed and need to be alone. Being there makes them feel better. When someone goes over to someone else’s house for a sleepover, playdate or visits they don’t feel quite right and once in awhile people get homesick. It’s more than a house it’s a home, a place where you lived your lives, made many memories and experienced many things. Every home feels different.

Homes are a spot you share with family or others. A long time ago the ancient Greeks shared houses. Some families share little boxes or piles of garbage now. It doesn’t matter where you live, it’s still a home. And it’s not just human families that share a home, all living things share homes. Humans share houses, animals share homes like dams for beavers and even plants have homes in gardens and forests. Homes are sometimes places where people hold parties for one another. Homes are meant to be shared with others.

Homes bring people together. When people go to homes for parties or celebrations they’re happy afterwards. If you have a fight with your parents, siblings or even grandparents, things always work out better when your at your home. Homes bring people together because there calm unlike some other places. It’s also safe and private so you feel fine talking discussing things which helps bring people together better. A home brings people together. Homes are truly not the same as houses.