Grade 5

St Albert

The True Meaning Of Home

I don’t need 50 to 300 words to describe the meaning of home, home can be described in one word “family”. In more details home is where you learnt to be kind, is where you made the most important memories of your life’s, home is where you feel safe! This is where you learned to love. Your home doesn’t need to be big, beautiful or contain a lot of expensive items or relics. I would rather live in a tent with my family then have a big mansion with a butler and my loved ones not there. My friends always tell me that I have a big house, so big that they call it a mansion but each time someone reminds me of how lucky I am it makes me think of my family, my home, my sister. But in life the most important thing that I have but unfortunately not everyone has is my Family! Just take a moment to think about how much your parents have taught you, have done for you like: Clothe you, feed you, teach you about the world. Although these are mostly things that your parents did for you when you were growing up. But your parents do so much for you even when you are older: Any questions you have you can go and see your parents, they teach you about what to expect at work, and then support you along the way! Home is a place where you can be yourself, express your emotions and show your love and affection.

I hope you enjoyed my short essay about my home
-Makena R Fraser