Grade 6


The True Meaning of Home

The true meaning of home is something lots of people don’t understand. Most people think it’s a house, but home isn’t just a house, you don’t need a house to have a home, a home is more than just windows, bricks, rooms, doors and a roof. It’s more than just things that make you happy. It’s more than just a place that you like.

Home is a feeling, home is where you feel warm, comfortable, happy, confident, proud, loved, wanted, and important. Home is where you almost never feel unloved or insignificant. Love is a very important part of life, everybody needs love to have a healthy life. People you love are also a big part of home, friends and family increase your sense of belonging and purpose. They also boost your happiness and reduce your stress. Home is where you can let your feelings out. Home is where you are free to be you.

Therefore, a home doesn’t always have to be a house. A home is different things for different people. There are lots of ingredients that make up a home. Without them, it just isn’t a home.