Grade 6


The True Meaning of Home

A place we find those dearest,
Where love is the most fiercest,
A place we ring in the New Year
And where we gather, to be safe and far from fear

Memories are created
Golden ones to be clear
Mothers laugh with cheer
While fathers linger near

It’s a little more than just the roof and walls that make my house
It’s a place filled with memories,
As we spend the holidays with our friends and families

It’s where I can be proud of me
Where I can have my doubts
And find the purest love
With the Almighty watching from above

With warm meals served on my family’s platters
We sit at the table, and sometimes take it for granted
While terrified children are avoid bombs that are planted

Yet so many don’t have these feelings of safety and love
A Home it isn’t a luxury
Which we must pray for, but a right that everyone should possess
For all to have

Why can’t we spare a single dime
Why must we deny some, it’s such a crime
Why do we choose to think
That our hearts wish to help,
But that has to wait

Like United Way pointed out, we would need an unignorable tower to solve this crisis
So many don’t have the joy of having a safe home
While so many
Spend money on vacation homes

We must change our ways,
As Greta Thunberg states with Climate Change
And we as children of Canada must fight against homelessness
Because change will break those hurtful chains

I am writing this poem for the Habitat for Humanity Homeowners
and to help everyone understand how grateful they are, how grateful we should be
And I hope that this poem helps change humanity