Grade 6

Saint-Laurent, QC

The True Meaning of Home

What is home? A home is many things to me. It is where I feel safe, it is where I feel comfortable, but most importantly, home is where I feel loved.

Home makes me feel safe and protected from dangers when I am with family, but also when I’m alone. I sometimes get worried when waiting for my mom to come home, I hear little creaky noises. Then I think about it, and know that I am at home safely protected by the walls and doors, and shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

Home makes me feel comfortable both when I’m awake, and when I’m asleep. Every night before going to bed, when watching TV with my family, I am comfortable and cozy on the sofa with my thick blanket. When I go to bed I feel even better, with my even thicker blanket, and my even softer mattress.

Finally, home is where I feel loved, especially when I am with my family. Every night when my mom, dad, sister and I eat supper together it brings me joy because after a whole day of school, I get to reunite with my family and talk about it. They always want to know more, and I always want to tell them more, and it is that back and forth that makes me feel loved.

I think that I am very fortunate to have a home because a whole lot of people in Canada and all around the world don’t have one, at least not in the way that I have a home.

In conclusion, home is my favorite place to be and I think it always will be.