Grade 4

Portage la Prairie

The True Meaning of Home

Now some people think a home is just a building that you live in but it’s more than that. It’s where we are and where happy memories that will be remembered for the rest of our lives are made. Home is a warm, safe and loving place to be. It is where we have our families to love us, to take care of us and to also to guide us through our journeys.
Unfortunately, some people don’t have a home to keep them safe and sheltered. Whenever you feel sad or hurt your family will be there for you. I think a home is where you feel happiness and joy and where you never have to be afraid to tell someone what’s wrong. Everybody will have a nice and happy life with their family and no matter what you look like, your family will always be there for you. Sometimes I feel like my home is the best thing I could ever have. Whenever someone says something sad, I remember all the good things I did in the old house and whenever someone says something funny I think of all the things that were hilarious from the other house. It is the people and the memories that make a building a home.
Homes are the best and safest place to be. I love my home. It’s a great place to stay. It makes me sad when I think about people that don’t have a warm and loving home. I love that Habitat for Humanity is helping others to gain a home of their own.
I’m happy when my family is home to comfort me whenever I feel sad and lonely. I love when I am at home. A home is more than just a building that you live in.
Now that’s what a true home is.