Grade 6


The True Meaning Of Home

The True Meaning Of Home

The best part of home is that you are not alone

A place to stay at the end of the day

So grab a key and invite friends for tea

Invite the people who give you glee

And be who you want to be

Happily cooking meals with my family

Home is a place where even a gnome

Can go whenever he feels alone

One day we will make a change

So it is time to rearrange

For we all need a new neighbor

Let’s do them a favor

And thank them for being here with you

When you feel just a little blue

Habitat for humanity

Thank you for blossoming my personality

It is always so nice

To have such great advice

Fixing the world

When even a mouse

Would love to have a house

To one day call home

Maybe home means a little more then baking and board games

Maybe it is the people and memories inside that mean just a little more

Home is the root, the core

I am so lucky to have a home to adore with you!