Grade 5

British Columbia

The true meaning of Home

For me home is a place where anything can be real and imaginations soar. Home is also a spot where there are many colors and places to play. It is a space where families are together, and a place for fun.It can be somewhere to relax, somewhere to play or somewhere to exercise. Home is an area where you can do anything from jumps to rolls and anything else. You can be messy or you can be clean in your home, it can be somewhere inside or somewhere outside. It can be huge or it can be little. It doesn’t matter where it is, how big it is or who the people are, because it is your home. Home is a place where there are animals and family together as one. To me pets make lives and homes a better site. Home can be an area to live, a space to sleep, or even a spot to read. It is a place for enthusiasm or a place for calm. Your home can be anywhere you want it to be, in a school, a house, a lake, a forest or anywhere else. Your home is your home no one else’s home. You can do whatever you want in your home. Your home can be a large location, a little spot, a loud space, a happy area, a quiet site or a sad place. Your home can be whatever you want it to be. Home is a space for love and a location for energy. For me home is a spot for cheerfulness, sadness or anything else, it is an area to love and a place to share, it is a space where anything can happen, but mostly it is a place for kindness.