Grade 5


The True Meaning of a Home

Some people think of home as simply a place to sleep and get up the next morning. Others think of it just as a physical structure. I mean, the definition of home is simply “The place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household.” However, a home consists of so much more than just a house! A house is only 4 walls but a home lasts forever! I mean, where’s the heart of the home, the love, protection and safety? A home is a place where you can laugh and giggle with friends and family around you, where you have strong bonds with people that can never be broken! Your home is your haven where there is provision. It is truly a blessing to have a place you can call home, but yet, some people haven’t figured out where that place is that they can call home. Maybe it’s because they don’t have a physical structure that they can call their own. However, home doesn’t necessarily have to be confined to a physical space where you sleep. The true heartbeat of a home is the people around you. The people that give you a sense of belonging, safety, love, and comfort? Home can be a community around you, and it’s a place only God can provide. When I personally think of home, I don’t just think of my family home, but I also think of my community at school. It’s my place where I can get up when I fall. It’s the place that feels like a warm blanket on a cold day! Some people think of school as boring, but maybe that’s not where their home is. Habitat For Humanity has blessed many many people not only with a physical home but so much more. I mean a fundraiser that encourages kids to write their thoughts on a page but yet, it’s saving peoples’ lives! This initiative develops a community home that connects people through love, kindness and compassion. Now that’s what we can call a home that can never be replaced!