Grade 4


The Story of Penny the Chicken & Bliss The Unicorn

Once a long time ago …

There was a old but good farm. On the farm there was a chicken named Penny. One day Penny got out of her pen. She got lost and started to get scared. Penny started to think about her family. She really, really, really missed her Mom, Dad, sisters, and brothers. She was in a really, really, really dark forest. She was thinking what if I would never see my family again. Out of nowhere a Unicorn appeared! Penny was shocked. There were lots of beautiful magical sparkles in the air. The unicorn said “My name is Bliss. I am the helping unicorn my job is to help animals when they need help.” Penny was a little shy. She hid behind some trees and bushes. “My name is Penny, and I am so happy to see you!” she said “The way to get home is to follow the path south. You must believe in the meaning of home and believe in yourself.” Bliss said. Once Bliss said that, she disappeared. Penny was confused because she could barely see the path in front of her, but she tried to follow the path as best as she could. It became rocky and dark and she heard thunder in the distance, but she kept going. Eventually she saw a farm. Then she saw some cows and horses. And then she started to see the chicken coops. It was her family’s farm! She was very excited and happy. She was very relieved that she made it home before dark. Her family and friends came to see her and make sure she was ok. She realized that she missed her home where she is safe and happy.
The End