Grade 4


The Story of How I feel about Home

Home means a place to be yourself, and a place to be with your family, to have home hobbies, favourite places to be, but most of all to express your feelings.

In my home my family cares for me. They help me; when I am trying to get out the door in a rush, they help me get myself together. They use their expressions in the funniest ways possible. My family loves me. They welcome me, when I get home.

No family is perfect, but that is one of the many things I love about my family, but part of my family is my home.

I even have home hobbies. Like drawing stuff for a game of school. Dancing and doing cartwheels in my living room. In fact, one of my favourite places to be is in the living room. Of course, I love being in my room too, and in the family room which, also happens to be called “The Back 40”. It’s called that for it is the room in the back of the house.

One of my favourite things about it is, the feeling that I feel when I walk in my home. Like I feel safe in my home; in fact, one of the reasons why I live in the beautiful home I do, is because when my brothers and sister were little, their house was robbed; and they could have fixed it but the kids did no feel safe, so that settled that. No more living there!

I feel happy, when I’m in my home, but I also feel happiness inside. Even when dancing, I feel calm, and that’s the story on how I feel about my home.

The End