Grade 4

New Brunswick

The Story of Hope

Once upon a time there was a guy named Farmer Luke. He was a poor old farmer and he only liked his mom to keep him company. He kept growing his crops and selling his food. One day this guy who was very rich but had no food met Farmer Luke. The mysterious man said “I have no food but I have lots of money. I am offering you lots of money for some food.” Farmer Luke was pleasant with that deal. Farmer Luke gave him 25 ears of corn, 5 boxes of strawberries and 2 boxes of mini carrots. The mysterious man gave him $500 for the food. Farmer Luke was thinking, I have enough money for 250 stones. He started to build a nice house for him and his mom. It took 15 days until he was finished. Farmer Luke was proud of himself. He bought tea for his mom and a water fountain for himself. Then he started making lots of money and eventually he built a city for everyone to live in. People started paying him for all the work he did at giving people homes. Then Farmer Luke got very sick. He gave $200 to everyone in the city. Everybody was very sad because they did not want to take his money. They wanted him to use the money to buy himself medicine. Farmer Luke said it’s too late to buy medicine. The city had a big funeral for Farmer Luke. Everyone put big posters of him in the city so they would never forget how nice he was. He provided them a nice home.