Grade 5

Lower Sackville
Nova Scotia

The story about Weston

There once was a Mom and Dad who lived under
a bridge. It was a rainy night so it was hard to see. That night the Mom and Dad were feeling colder than ever. The Mom was feeling sore because she was pregnant, and nearing the end of her term.
The next day, the baker, Weston, came to give them fresh bread.
When the Mom was finished her bread she said, “We have to go to the hospital, I’m going to have a baby!!!”
So Weston said, “I can give you a ride.”
They got into the car and Weston started driving. When they arrived the Mom jumped out of the car and ran as fast as she could into the hospital, checked in, went to her room and then the doctor came in. A few hours later she had a baby boy. After she got out of the hospital she told Weston, the name of the baby boy.
She said, “Say hello to baby Weston.”
Weston was so excited.
She said, “It was because of all the things you did for our family.”
Then they hugged and Weston said, “You made me excited, now I’m going to do the same.”
The parents then took baby Weston to their spot under the bridge and they started saying, “I really don’t want baby Weston’s home to be under a bridge!”
A few minutes later, Weston the baker appeared and said, “Follow me.”
So they went with Weston and saw that he had bought them a new house.
Their reaction was “Oh my gosh Weston, this is an example of why our baby’s name is Weston. You’re the best! Thank you so much”

They started crying because they were so happy that Baby Weston wouldn’t grow up under a bridge. They went inside and all of Weston’s customers surprised them with a party. They had hot fresh bread from Weston’s bakery and some other good food that people brought. They then, of course, played fun games and snuggled the cute, funny and playful baby named Weston.