Grade 5

New Brunswick

The Start of the Day

When I jump out of bed I’m warm with my roof over my head. I feel safe in my home. Home is a place I can jump on the couch and feel cozy and happy. Or be supported by my family and friends. My home is where I grow. From when I was young to when I was older. Feeling safe in my loyal home.

If I had a bad day I can’t wait to get home to my warm home. It’s a spot to remember those good moments. A home is full of possibilities. From dawn till dusk. I feel protected and loved. If I feel sad I can go home and I’m full of laughter and joy.

A house isn’t a home it’s a place I will always love and care for. It might not be a fantasy home but at least you have one. I know other people don’t have a home. So we need to not take that having a home for granted. Were able to have a roof over our heads and that’s what we need to remember. So the next time you don’t think you have a good house some people don’t have a house at all.