Grade 5


The Significance of Home

Home, what does it mean? To begin, it is simply not a random place. It is a special place in your heart, an environment of love and warmth. Home is where I feel safe and joy. But home isn’t just a safe place, it is full of everything you need. A sacred place that means the world. You might hear most people talk about home as a place that is always full of comfort with friends and family, but sometimes that doesn’t sound like the specific meaning of home. That is why I think home doesn’t have a correct meaning. I believe home is what matters most to you.
So, what should a home contain? Well, a home should give you a sense of security and nurture. For me, I am very fortunate to have all I need and for that I am extremely grateful. I know that there are people that don’t have access to all the things I do, but that doesn’t mean that their home isn’t any less of a home. Along with material, the people in your home are significant to the meaning of home. For me, this is my family. They are very important people in a home, not just because of how they act or what they do. It’s their love that makes home feel like home to me.
As you can see, in the end home will always be a remarkable part of you that will always stick by you forever in all stages of life. Your childhood, adolescence, adulthood, old age and death. No matter what, home will be filled with beautiful memories that bring you back to the lovely good times. With no exception, home will always be the number one place to be.