Grade 5


the scumsons

This is a fairly short story about a family with no home, the Scumsons.
This family lived in a small alleyway near a grocery store. They ate mice that came along to their alleyway as food since they didn’t have anything to cook with, they ate the mice raw. They didn’t have much to do, but they thought of a bit of a game to pass time where each player throws a stick and whoever threw it the farthest won.
This family didn’t have much to drink but they mostly settled on each other’s sweat and dropped water bottles. They could barely survive in their small alleyway, the Scumson kids couldn’t even get an education. The family couldn’t afford food, water, or shelter. It was a miracle the family hasn’t died yet.
The alleyway of the Scumsons was not a fun place to be.