Grade 6


The Safe Home

Home what is a home a home is.

Where I have my great ideas.

Home is a place to feel unique.

Home is the thing that you can express yourself.

Home is where you can do weird things and not get judged.

Home is not a house home is like your bubble.

This place that is called a house its nothing like home.

When I’m home I feel safe like if nothing can hurt me.

Home is where you can be happy.

Home is where you can learn.

Home is where you can be yourself.

You must be happy with what you have because people are homeless with no family.

Maybe you have a bad house, but you can have a great home.

And people that have a great house they can have a bad home.

Home smells like my mom’s food.

Home is the place I have the most fun at.

Home looks like the best place in the world to me.

I hope homeless people can experience what home feels.

I love the smell of my moms and dad’s mac and cheese.

I love the cooking of my brother.

I love when I hear my cat’s meows when I get home from school.

I love the touch of my warm bed.

A house is nothing without a home.