Grade 5

New Brunswick

The Recipe for a Home

1 floor
As many walls as you wish
1 roof
As many rooms as you want
1 kitchen
1 bathroom
Wait… I’m missing something! A family! Every home needs a family that loves each other. Add a family to this list and now you’re done your home.
Every home is different. Some houses are big and some are small. Either way, there is always a secret ingredient: love. There’s love in all kind of ways. It could be the people in it or the things inside.
If your house somehow got ruined, how would you feel? Maybe you’d be sad or angry. I know I’d be very disappointed. There was all that work put into it and now it’s ruined.
If you have a home, you should be grateful for it. There’s a large number of people who don’t have one. Love your home.